SQL Shortcuts

26-02-2021 - Software Development

This time a collection of small tips and tricks that are not big enough by itself for a full post. But since they can be very useful, I decided to bring these 5 together in one post.

So yeah, it might seem a bit random all together, but I'm sure you will find something useful in here today. Let's have a look at what we've got!

SQL Running Totals

19-02-2021 - Software Development

Let's say you have a table with invoices, containing the invoice amount. Nothing is easier than to put that amount in the result set.

But what if you want a running total? With that I mean that the second record shows the sum of record 1 and 2. And the third record shows the sum of record 1, 2 and 3. And so on.

Well, since you already have the information in the result set, there is an easy way to do that!

Don't document code

18-02-2021 - Software Development

Code should not be documented. There, I've said it. Yes, as a Developer and Product Manager myself I state that code should not need documentation. The reason for that is simple: Code should be self explanatory. If there is a need to document your code, the code itself is simply not good.

So before documenting bad code, improve the quality of the code itself. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that.

SQL Lag & Lead

12-02-2021 - Software Development

Let's say you ran a query on a table containing appointments and you ordered them by the appointment date. In the result set, you can easily see the date of the previous appointment because it is on the previous line.

But what if you want that previous appointment date on the same line? You could do that with a sub-query, but that would really affect the performace. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just grab it from the previous record from the result set? Well, you can by using Lag and Lead.

CSS Variables

10-02-2021 - UX Design

When writing CSS, I prefer to use variables. Or as they are also known: Custom Properties. First of all, it makes it a lot easier to make changes to a CSS file since the change has to be made in one place only.

Additional benefit, it helps you keeping things simple and consistent. How? Just don't create to much variables and stick to the ones you have. Here's how you can use CSS Variables.

SQL Encryption

08-02-2021 - Software Development

So, you have painstakingly written a very complex view or stored procedure. Hours of work went into that job. Now it has to go into the database of the customer. From there on, everyone who has access to that database can see your work. And even worse, they can copy and re-use it in a fraction of the time you spent on it. Ah, if only there was a way to make that impossible.

Well, there is a way, actually. Here's how you can do that!

How to test software?

02-02-2021 - Software Development

Testing Software is easy. You just click around, fill out some stuff and if no errors occur than everything is ok, right? Wrong!Testing Software is much more difficult than you might think.

Testing is a discipline all by itself and good testing is essential for a smooth and successful Software implementation. So, to help you take testing to the next level, here are some tips & tricks that will help you do just that.

The Laws of UX Design

01-12-2020 - UX Design

When designing a User Interface, whether it is for a website or an application, there are many rules that can help you evaluate if the design will work or not. Using these rules of course isn't mandatory, but the principles behind it are proven.

So it's a good thing to know them and use them especially when you are stuck on a design. Or when you are in doubt of what would work best. Jon Yablonski created a website, Laws of UX, where he brings together the most common principles.

Database Design

30-11-2020 - Software Development

A good database design is the essential foundation for every application. But still, from time to time we have to (re)build an application on an existing database and we feel the need to scream. The original title I had in mind for this post therefor was 'How to annoy a Developer'.

But let's stay positive. No one does that on purpose. Often people simply don't realize why some things are important later on in the development process. So here are some tips and tricks to design a database that your developers will love.

Frontend Skills

29-11-2020 - Software Development

Previously I posted about the stuff you need to get started as a Frontend Developer. So once you have that, where to go next ? What skills do you need to acquire and how to go about to get them? Here's a lot of tips on that topic to get you started.

Frontend Tools

27-11-2020 - Software Development

To start doing some Frontend Development used to be quite expensive. With all the tools needed to do just the basics. Fortunately that has changed. Nowadays all the tools you need are absolutely free and easily available. In this post I will explain which tools you need to get started doing Frontend Development using asp.net/C#.

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