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When people ask for advice about optimizing query performance, one of the things I look at is the SQL Environment. Yes, often queries can be improved by adding or removing indexes, but often the cause is pretty obvious: bad server management.

So how to check if a SQL Server is in good shape? For that I use sp_Blitz, written by Brent Ozar.

What is sp_Blitz?

sp_Blitz is a Stored Procedure written by Brent Ozar, one of my SQL gurus. And it makes the life of a SQL Administrator so much easier. Best of all, it is free to download and free to use.

It will tell you all about what's wrong with the SQL Server and its maintenance. Neatly prioritized so you can focus on what's most important to fix. And if you don't know how to fix it? Well, sp_Blitz has got you covered there as well since it will give you links to Brent's blog with an explanation.

So get over to his blog and download sp_Blitz. I've been using this one for years and it has served me well, so a big shout out to Brent for this one!

Not convinced yet? Listen to the man himself!

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