Professional Work Experience

Sumatra Software
Product Manager
July 2021 - Present

Product Manager for the leading Reporting Software for Exact Software, Microsoft Dynamics and SQL Databases in general Responsible for Product Desing and Pre-Sales Consultancy as well as supporting in Sales & Marketing and Development.

In 2003 I was already involved with Sumatra Software in designing the Fusion for Exact Synergy module.

Silver Solutions
Co-Founder & CTO
January 2010 - June 2021

Lead architect for innovation on the patented Silver Essence Semantic Rapid Application Development Platform. Front- and Back-end developer using ASP.NET, C#, XML, MS SQL, HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Responsible for the functional and technical design of the Silver development layer and the roll-out of vertical branch solutions that are created with it.

Cane e-Line
Product Manager
April 2005 - December 2009

Responsible for the design, development and certification of new Custom Solutions for Exact e-Synergy (Classic ASP and .NET) and Exact Globe.

Because of this role and the inter-dependency of the Exact Software, I became a member of the Exact Quality Commision; an advisory board with a strong focus in improving both Exact Synergy and Exact Globe.

Cane Consulting
Senior Consultant
September 2003 - March 2005

Implementing Exact Globe and e-Synergy plus designing and programming Custom Solutions using ASP and VB6. Creating reports using Crystal Reports, Exact Excel Add-In and Sumatra Builder.

Also responsible for the Internal Network Administration and the Internal Training of new employees. Responsible for the design, development and certification of new Custom Solutions for Exact.

Exact Consultant
March 1999 - August 2003

Account Manager and Pre-sales Consultant. Also supporting and implementing Exact for Windows/DOS, Exact Globe and e-Synergy. Building reports with Sumatra Software and Excel.

Also responsible for the Customer Service Desk, the Internal Exact Implementation and the Internal Training of new employees.

A & R Manager
January 1990 - September 1999

Independent Artist & Relations Manager, scouting talent, touring with artists and organizing promotional tours for endorsed artists. Represented or organized demo tours for amongst others Ron Thal, Shawn Lane, Jonas Helborg and Alphonso Johnson.

Also responsible for organizing and attending trade fairs throughout Europe.

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Personal Side Projects

Google Panoramio
Moderator, Tester & Advisor
August 2006 - November 2016

Through personal contact with the founders of Panoramio (Eduardo Manchon and Joaquín Cuenca Abela) I got involved with Panoramio as a Forum Moderator.

Technically I got involved as a tester and advisor when Panoramio migrated to the Google Infrastructure and later when Panoramio was merged into Google Maps until the Panormio closed in November 2016.

Exact Quality Commision
Product Manager
March 2004 - December 2008

To further improve the quality of their ERP software, I was invited to the Exact Advisory board as the main advisor on E-Synergy, alongside Hans Lommerse on Exact Globe.

The Quality Commision played a key role in advising on new functionality and beta-testing the new releases. For this I also worked in their Development Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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