Frontend Development: Skills you need

Frontend Development: Skills you need

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Previously I posted about the stuff you need to get started as a Frontend Developer. So once you have that, where to go next? What skills do you need to acquire and how to go about to get them? Here's a lot of tips on that topic to get you started.

Start with HTML, Javascript and CSS

HTML is the basic language for the Web. No matter what kind of web development you want to do, whether it's websites, applications or mobile apps, sooner or later you will have to do something with HTML. So better start learning HTML before doing anything else. If you like to read and learn, there's a good course on HTML on where you can learn all the basics. If you are more like me and rather watch videos and learn, check out the Traversy Media channel on Youtube that has a lot of tutorials.

Learning CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is what you need to make your pages look beautiful. There's a good course on CSS on as well. And if you want to watch and learn, there's a video on Traversy Media too.

Javascript is what you need to make your pages interactive. Make something happen when a user clicks a button and such. So head over to if you want to read and learn. Or check out this one from Traversy Media to get started.

Jump into ASP.NET and C#

Once you have mastered the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, get ready to learn more about and C# to build data-driven web-applications. Guru99 has a great course on and a good one on C# as well. And of course, Brad Traversy has something in store for you as well.

More sources of great knowledge

One thing you will learn pretty fast is that there are a lot of developers sharing their knowledge for free. So there are many opportunities to learn from the pro's out there. As mentioned, there is the Youtube channel from Brad Traversy who is one of my favorites. Other great ones you will find usefull are Frontend Tips, DesignCourse, CodeGrid, CSS Master Kevin Powel and DarkCode. Kudos for all these guys so go out, subscribe and like their videos to show your appreciation.

Master the databases

As a Frontend Developer you will mostly have to do with the typical Frontend technologies. Especially if you use the Essence Framework to handle all the interaction with your Backend databases and Web-services. But at some point you will have to dive into the database yourself. Be it to check what's in there to debug an application, or to create a view that holds all the data you need in your Frontend. So be sure to have a good knowledge of the Structured Query Language that is SQL.

Again there is a good course on but Joey Blue has got a good video to teach you all the basics and more.

Be sure to check out Joey Blue's channel for more in-depth knowledge on SQL and complex queries.

That's all you need!

That's basically it. With all these great sources to learn from, and with the right tools, all you need now is to invest your time and dedication to become a great Frontend Developer. If you need any further help to get started, feel free to contact.

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