Initially I started out as a composer and arranger, leading my own Big Band at 17. From 1984 to 1998 I also worked as an independent studio and session bass player.

From 1996 I started doing webdesign, mostly self-taught using HTML, Javascript and CSS. Since 2001 I've been working with Microsoft SQL databases. From 2002 I expanded my skills to interactive webdesign using ASP, and since 2010 also ASP.NET and C#. In 2020 we started working on upgrading Silver Essence to modern standards so I started working met .NET Core and Microsoft Blazor.

Although it's called self-taught, I could not have done it without the help of a lot of friends and co-workers. ANd I should mention the many people who do tutorials on Youtube as well!

I am still learning every day by watching others and being open for everything new or different.

Rotterdam Conservatory (now Codarts) 1985 - 1990

Here I started out studying Bass Guitar & Double Bass from Wim Essed at the Rotterdam Conservatory. But after 2 years I switched to Composing & Arranging with Ruud Bos. Other teachers included Lex Hakker, Folkert Grondsma, Jan-Laurens Hartong, Ab Schaap and Peter Ypma. I also took Master Classes from, amongst others, Bob Brookmeyer, Bob Mintzer, Michael Brecker, Loek Dikker, Ron McClure and Chris Hinze.

Thomas More College (now Markland College) 1983 - 1985

By this time I'd gotten more creative, doing a lot of reading and ultimately making music. With plans to go to a Conservatory I switched to a higher level Middle School to prepare for that. A special mention here for my English teacher, Phillip Peereboom, for instilling the love for English literature. And another special mention for my Bass teacher at the Sint Frans Music School for widening my taste in music.

Pastoor Hellemons Mavo (now Markland College) 1979 - 1983

At this age I wanted to become a ship builder and go for a technical study which only required a lower level Middle School. But my elementary school teacher convinced my parents (based on my results) to go for a higher level Middle School. So as a compromise I choose a mid level Middle School which gave both options (albeit with an extra year) to do a technical study or go to a university.

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