The Laws of UX Design

01-12-2020 - UX Design

When designing a User Interface, whether it is for a website or an application, there are many rules that can help you evaluate if the design will work or not. Using these rules of course isn't mandatory, but the principles behind it are proven.

So it's a good thing to know them and use them especially when you are stuck on a design. Or when you are in doubt of what would work best. Jon Yablonski created a website, Laws of UX, where he brings together the most common principles.

Database Design

30-11-2020 - Software Development

A good database design is the essential foundation for every application. But still, from time to time we have to (re)build an application on an existing database and we feel the need to scream. The original title I had in mind for this post therefor was 'How to annoy a Developer'.

But let's stay positive. No one does that on purpose. Often people simply don't realize why some things are important later on in the development process. So here are some tips and tricks to design a database that your developers will love.

Frontend Skills

29-11-2020 - Software Development

Previously I posted about the stuff you need to get started as a Frontend Developer. So once you have that, where to go next ? What skills do you need to acquire and how to go about to get them? Here's a lot of tips on that topic to get you started.

Frontend Tools

27-11-2020 - Software Development

To start doing some Frontend Development used to be quite expensive. With all the tools needed to do just the basics. Fortunately that has changed. Nowadays all the tools you need are absolutely free and easily available. In this post I will explain which tools you need to get started doing Frontend Development using asp.net/C#.

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